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What's New in Microsoft Intune: Comprehensive Updates (August)

Updated: Sep 12, 2023


Microsoft Intune is continually evolving with new features, capabilities, and enhancements. Here’s a comprehensive look at the most recent updates from August 2023.

Device Enrollment

Just-in-Time Registration and Compliance Remediation Just-in-Time (JIT) registration for iOS/iPadOS Setup Assistant with modern authentication is now generally available. This eliminates the need for device users to use the Company Portal app for Azure AD registration and compliance checks. This feature embeds registration and compliance remediation into the user's provisioning experience. Learn how to set it up here.

Awaiting Final Configuration for iOS/iPadOS Also out of preview, this feature enables a locked experience at the end of Setup Assistant to ensure proper device configuration. This setting applies only once during the initial device setup and works on devices with iOS/iPadOS 13+ enrolling via various methods. More details on enabling this can be found here.

Device Management

Android Notification Permission Prompt Behavior

Android apps have changed how they handle notification permissions to comply with Google’s recent Android updates. Depending on the targeted API and Android version, the behavior varies. The changes specifically impact Company Portal and Microsoft Intune apps.

Defender Update Controls Now generally available, this profile for Intune Endpoint security Antivirus policy manages update settings for Microsoft Defender across Windows 10, Windows 11, and Windows Server platforms.

Device Security

Elevation Report by Applications for EPM A new Elevation report by applications for Endpoint Privilege Management (EPM) has been released. The report can be found in the EPM section in the Intune admin center.

macOS Antivirus Policy Microsoft Defender Antivirus profile for macOS devices now includes nine new settings spread across three new categories: Antivirus engine, Network protection, and User interface preferences.

Intune Apps

Protected App for Intune VerityRMS by Mackey LLC (iOS) is the new protected app available for Intune. For more information, see Microsoft Intune protected apps.

App Management You can now use the 'Turn off the Store application' policy to disable direct end-user access to Store apps, while still allowing Intune-managed Store apps.

Monitor and Troubleshoot

CloudDesktop Log The log file %temp%\CloudDesktop*.log is now included in the Intune action to collect diagnostics from a Windows device.

Anomaly Detection Anomaly detection in Intune Endpoint analytics is now generally available, helping to identify device cohorts with high or medium severity anomalies.

Improved Device Timeline in Endpoint Analytics The UI has been enhanced with advanced capabilities like support for sorting, searching, filtering, and exports.

Compliance Policies and Reports

Significant improvements have been made to Intune compliance policies and reports, aligning the reports more closely to the user experience. The updated reports support sorting, searching, and the use of filters.


Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) A new RBAC permission under the Android for Work resource allows the admin to manage or change both AOSP and Android Enterprise Device Owner enrollment profiles. For more details, check the official Intune Support Team blog.

That wraps up the updates. As always, stay tuned for more enhancements and new features from Microsoft Intune. AHTS is here to help you accelerate your career and business! Please contact us for assistance.

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