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  • First! What exactly is an MSP?
    Our MSPs, or Managed Service Providers, are IT partners that go beyond traditional services. ACE MSPs not only manage IT operations but can also act as a virtual assistant, providing executive administrative support tailored to your needs.
  • What services does AHTS offer?
    AHTS provides a comprehensive suite of Managed IT Services, including executive administrative support, cybersecurity, compliance, networking, data backups, disaster recovery, and strategic IT consulting.
  • How does AHTS handle day-to-day IT issues?
    We offer quick and reliable tech support through our Help Desk & Remote Access services. Our technicians are ready to address any IT problem, ensuring your organization remains productive and secure.
  • How is cybersecurity addressed by AHTS Name?
    AHTS employs Layered Cybersecurity coupled with the Zero Trust framework, tailoring solutions to your environment for the highest level of protection while meeting compliance standards. We also conduct Cyber Risk Assessments to understand and mitigate potential threats.
  • What about data protection and recovery?
    AHTS assesses your IT environment and operational needs to create a Disaster Recovery plan, protecting your systems and valuable data from threats such as ransomware, natural disasters, and hardware crashes.
  • How is IT infrastructure managed?
    We monitor your network and devices around the clock, ensuring safety and operational efficiency. Our experts handle IT infrastructure deployment and management, supporting your organization's productivity.
  • What is co-managed IT, and how does it benefit businesses?
    Co-managed IT involves a partnership between your internal IT team and AHTS, offering additional expertise and resources. This cost-effective model helps businesses efficiently manage growing IT infrastructure.
  • How can AHTS Name help with remote workplace solutions?
    We assist in building a virtualized workplace, ensuring secure, collaborative, and flexible work environments. Our expertise supports businesses in implementing remote workplace options efficiently.
  • What cybersecurity measures are in place for remote work?
    AHTS provides Remote Workplace Security, empowering your team to work securely from any location. Our solutions support the need for flexibility and productivity in today's dynamic business environment.
  • How does AHTS defend against cyber threats?
    Our team offers comprehensive Cyber Defense, providing threat intelligence, secure data backup, and a proactive approach to eliminate vulnerabilities in software. We conduct Cyber Risk Assessments to identify and mitigate potential risks.

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