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Ask Yourself...

How much would it cost if all of my business's data was leaked to the internet?

Would I be okay losing money and business opportunities due to down time?

Have I created multiple layers of authentication not just for myself but for my loved ones as well?

If I had to tell myself in one year that I did my best to secure my life and business what would that look like? 


Did those that last few questions make you think about your IT and security a bit differently? Good. To truly implement Zero Trust you must first understand that it starts with you, or someone like you, or perhaps a bad actor pretending to be you. We've taken an accelerated view of Zero Trust and started to develop a strategic framework meant to create security for both business and consumer profiles. Ask any IT professional worth their salt and they’ll tell you why Zero Trust is not only a necessary framework, but it’s quickly becoming the standard in cyber security. ZT applied properly allows for companies to create layers of security within their organization on multiple levels in the form of encryption, secure computer protocols, secure computer systems and data-level authentication. What this essentially amounts to is, trust no one. Everyone is subjected to the same security analysis whether entering or leaving the system.  So if this analysis has become the standard in business security then should we not adopt a similar position personally? How does the consumer protect themselves in this ever evolving IT world when AI can sound just like your little girl, or your parent, or even you? If every consumer presents as an access point we propose Zero Trust implementation goals that go beyond business application. ACCELERATED ZT as a strategy will inspire users to take control of their data, create new standards for extended permissions, and change they way we look at multi-factor authentication. 

Read the ACCELERATED ZT White Page Report Today!

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