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ACE Philanthrophy

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ACE Build 2 Grow

At the heart of our philanthropic mission is our ACE B2G Initiative. We focus our collective efforts on working to ensure that every community has access to affordable and fresh food sources. We believe that with the ever-growing cost of living expenses and the emergence of new technology we have reached a critical juncture not just as a community but as a nation. We are facing higher rates of food insecurity than ever before.


The ACE B2G model embodies community engagement at every stage. In addition to the skills developed from planning, building, and maintaining the green space, our project will offer hands-on experiences for members of all ages to actively participate in planning and cultivation.

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ACE B2G is a foreword thinking collective initiative focused on combating food deserts in underserved communities through a dynamic approach that integrates our key themes: to ACCELERATE, to COMMUNICATE, and to EXCEED.

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The ACE Advantage means we can provide scalable and sustainable hydroponic gardens tailored to meet exact needs. Our Multi-faceted approach allows for innovative and strategic partnering. and our data driven; climate-controlled systems connect soil sponsors across the region. 

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